ROTO-FAB Chevrolet SS Sedan Oiled Filter Cold Air Intake 2014-2015

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ROTO-FAB Chevrolet SS Sedan Oiled Filter Cold Air Intake 2014-2015

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The ROTO-FAB Chevrolet SS Sedan Oiled Filter Cold Air Intake installs with basic tools, requires absolutely no modifications to your car and performs well with the stock vehicle calibration. Driveability is excellent and sound is throaty under aggressive acceleration while very comparable to stock under normal cruising conditions. This CAI picks up 11 RWHP over the stock system in hood closed dyno testing.

The hood strut and hood liner design made it nearly impossible to effectively seal to the hood on the Chevrolet SS. Because its crucial to isolate engine compartment air from the filter. Roto-Fab's design uses an enclosed box with the air entry located lower and on the outboard side of the frame. In addition to the air box assembly itself, the kit supplies a polymer heat shield which mates up to our air box. The shield rests on the frame rail, extends forward to the core support and rearward to the fender. The air box and heat shield combine to form an effective barrier against hot radiator air reaching the filter.

To access the filter, our air box features an aluminum and polycarbonate lid which hinges from the back of the air box. To achieve an effective lid seal, the kit uses 3 fasteners which work in conjunction with the hinge to maintain a uniform crush on the inner seal. Like the air box itself, the design features of the lid helps to achieve the goal of isolating the filter from engine or radiator heat.

The duct work to the throttle body starts with a velocity stack duct section which fastens to the air box via five molded in brass inserts and stainless steel screws. The filter side has a huge 6 diameter clamping surface which accepts an oversize filter. Passing through the air box, the duct features a generous radius which transitions to 4  to accept the OEM MAF sensor. On the engine side of the MAF sensor there is a high gloss black silicone hump hose to absorb motor rock. Next is an inlet elbow which has nearly a 4 ID, a generous radius throughout its length and a molded in brass bung to accept the PCV hose fitting. The inlet elbow OD is larger than the OD of the throttle body and uses a high gloss black silicone reducing coupler to join the throttle body. Stainless steel hose clamps and a silicone PCV hose are included in the kit.


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