ROTO-FAB Cadillac CTS-V Oiled Filter Cold Air Intake 2016-2019

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ROTO-FAB Cadillac CTS-V Oiled Filter Cold Air Intake 2016-2019

Product Details

The ROTO-FAB Cadillac CTS-V Oiled Filter Cold Air Intake features a powder coat aluminum air box custom formed & TIG welded to attach to the stock air inlet duct while hugging the CTS-V contours all the way around. The top perimeter effectively seals to the hood providing all of the advantages of a lid while maximizing air box volume and providing space for a huge filter. Rotofab's approach was to hand fabricate a custom air box with all the qualities that are important, then relentlessly refine the design until it has the exact fit required.

The air box adapter bolts directly to the air box creating the MAF sensor housing on the engine side while transitioning to a huge 6" OD to accept the massive filter. The transition itself is molded to create a mounting flange on the exterior which mates to the air box to isolate the filter from engine bay heat while forming a "bell mouth" entry inside to increase air flow. Due to a rigid air box mounting system it incorporates a silicone hump hose connector at the inlet elbow to absorb motor rock. To increase air velocity, the inlet elbow is custom molded with a slight taper throughout its length as it transitions down to the throttle body. To maximize air volume this system maintains a large ID on the inlet elbow then use silicone reducer to step down to the throttle body clamping diameter. The coupler clamps are stainless steel as are all of the mounting screws.


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