Stewart EMP High Volume Intercooler Pump 25 Amp

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Stewart EMP High Volume Intercooler Pump 25 Amp

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This pump was tested by LPE with our advanced flow testing equipment and a fixed restriction that used a ZL1 intercooler brick assembly and intercooler radiator with 3/4 inch OEM diameter coolant hoses. The Stewart-EMP intercooler pump can flow 7.7 gpm and is 60% more flow capacity than the ZL1 stock pump. The ST-1030085005P0005A is now sold with 25 AMP programming (previously sold as part number ST-1030002107)

- The light weight all aluminum housing is small for easy packaging and weighs only 6.5 lbs.
- Can be used with 12 or 16 volt electrical systems
- No relay needed
- Extremely quiet operation
- Can be used in intercooler systems for both supercharged or turbocharged applications
- 25 Amp maximum draw
- Requires 1 inch inlet from the intercooler reservoir
- 2 Year warranty from Stewart

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