2.60" LS9 Pulley, One Piece

Part Number: L220040309
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Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
2.60" LS9 Pulley, One Piece

Product Details

The Lingenfelter press on steel 11 rib 2.60 inch diameter pulley will provide 19% Supercharger overdrive or 18,300 RPM supercharger speed at 6,500 engine RPM
Stock LS9 supercharger speed is 15,400 RPM at 6,500 engine RPM

This pulley will use the stock belt and will require the Lingenfelter 100 mm idler L250130309

With the Lingenfelter 14% Overdrive Harmonic Balancer it woudld require a 2160 mm 11 rib belt 11PK2160 with the stock idlers

Modifications listed on this page will requires recalibration of the factory ECM.

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