Lingenfelter 700+ HP ZL1 Engine Package Kit Camaro ZL1 2012-2014

Part Number: L250382012
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Lingenfelter 700+ HP ZL1 Engine Package Kit Camaro ZL1 2012-2014

Product Details

This kit gives you everything you need to upgrade your Camaro ZL1 LSA engine to the 700+ HP package except ECU programming which is available as a separate purchase, please see related items listed at bottom of this page.

700+ HP CTS-V kit includes:
- L150046509 Lingenfelter CNC Ported LSA Cylinder heads
- L210150309 Lingenfelter LS GT9 Hydraulic roller camshaft 215/247 629/656 121 CL
- L200175307 Lingenfelter 3 Bolt cam conversion kit
- L960046708 LSA Cylinder head gaskets & bolt kit
- L650182012 Lingenfelter High Flow Camaro ZL1 Cold Air Intake LSA 2012-2014
- L220050709 Cadillac CTS-V Camaro ZL1 Overdrive Harmonic Balancer Kit 2009-2014
- L220070709 Cadillac CTS-V Camaro ZL1 10% Overdrive Balancer Pulley 2009-2012
- L250150309 Lingenfelter CTS-V Camaro ZL1 LSA LS9 10 bolt Supercharger Pulley Hub
- L220300709 Lingenfelter CTS-V Camaro ZL1 LSA 2.55 8 Rib 10 Bolt Pulley
- L960130709 Lingenfelter Supercharger Isolator Coupling LS9 LSA Engine 2009-2012
- K080670 8 Rib Poly V Belt For 10% Overdrive Pulley & 2.55 Upper Pulley 67.0 inches
- L730100309 Bosch LS9 LSA 63 lb Fuel Injectors
- L310065307 Lingenfelter 160 Degree Thermostat
- UPF48R AC Delco oil filter

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