Lingenfelter High Volume LS7 Lower Oil Tank Kit (must supply core)

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Lingenfelter High Volume LS7 Lower Oil Tank Kit (must supply core)
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Disassemble and only ship the lower half of the tank for your core. Be sure to clean the tank inside and out before shipping. If not done, an additional fee will be added. 

New tanks are no longer available so the modified tank can only be sold with a core exchange. 

Under prolonged high cornering loads such as those found on a banked race track with a vehicle with racing slicks, some ZO6 owners have reported low oil pressure on the 2006-2008 Z06 Corvettes. The Lingenfelter Performance Engineering modified oil tank design was developed to help eliminate this problem. Designed to fit in the stock dry sump oil tank location with no modifications to the vehicle, the Lingenfelter modified oil tank increases system capacity by roughly 3 quarts, bringing total capacity up from 8 quarts to 11 quarts and increasing the capacity of the tank alone from 6 quarts to 9 quarts for a 50% increase.

The added oil volume will also help reduce high oil temperature spikes under certain high engine load conditions by increasing the amount of fluid in circulation and the amount of time it takes to heat up that fluid. The added oil volume should also improve engine durability and reduce oil property degradation in road racing conditions. The factory oil dipstick will still function correctly and the same indicator mark is used to indicate the new oil level.

Oil tank kits include new oil line seals.

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