Lingenfelter Clutch & Throttle Position Activation Switch CTAP

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Lingenfelter Clutch & Throttle Position Activation Switch CTAP

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Designed to be used in:
2010-2014 Camaro
2008-2013 Corvette
2009-2014 CTS-V

The CTAP-001 is a programmable clutch pedal and throttle position sensor activation switch. This module can be used on many newer GM vehicles that no longer use a clutch position switch, but instead a position sensor that relays a rising or falling 0-5 volt sensor signal to the ECM. This signal communicates the exact clutch pedal position, accelerator pedal position, or throttle position. The CTAP-001 allows external devices looking for a +12 volt or ground activation signal like a nitrous controller, 2-step, or other devices to be used on vehicles that communicate the position.

Connects to clutch pedal, accelerator pedal or throttle position sensor on newer vehicles
Outputs include
Normally OFF ground activation
Normally ON ground activation
Normally OFF +12vdc activation

No need to install a separate microswitch on the clutch pedal
Works with rising or falling voltage signals
Activate/deactivate anywhere in the clutch or throttle travel
Adjustable activation point in 1% increments
High temperature glass filled Nylon enclosure
NCC-001 & NCC-002 do not need the CTAP-001 since the NCC has the same capability built in
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