CAN2-002 CAN to Analog Gauge & Relay Output Module Kit

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CAN2-002 CAN to Analog Gauge & Relay Output Module Kit
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With Frequency Based Outputs for Tachometer & Speedometer Control

Most 2006 and newer GM vehicles that are equipped with GMLAN
- 2010-2019 Camaro
- 2005-2013 C6 Corvette
- 2014-2019 C7 Corvette
- 2009-2019 CTS-V
- 2007-2019 Silverado, Sierra, Suburban, Yukon and Tahoe
- GMPP crate engines
- Heavy trucks, buses and marine engines equipped with SAE J1939
- Other CAN equipped vehicles if the user is familiar with the application's CAN messages

The CAN2-002 module converts vehicle CAN data, including GMLAN and J1939 data, to analog outputs and is capable of providing up to 4 outputs per module and multiple modules can be used one the same vehicle. The module allows you to control gauges and other devices without having to duplicate sensors already installed on the vehicle. These outputs can be used to control analog gauges or - via relays - fans, warning lights, reverse lights, or other devices looking for an analog activation signals.

- Four outputs
- Can control most analog OEM and aftermarket electronic gauges including temperature, pressure, tachometer & speedometer
- Provides programmable relay activation output
- Relay outputs can control a low oil pressure warning light, fan, or other device based on a combination of multiple engine/vehicle parameters. One example is you could turn fans on when coolant temperature is above 190 degrees and speed is below 50 mph.
- Send most ECM sensor data to your engine dynamometer data acquisition system
- Multiple units can be used at once for additional outputs
- Software includes a database of common GMLAN and J1939 messages
- Software also allows users with knowledge of CAN information to configure almost any CAN message as an output
- Private labeling available

- Can be used to display almost any data on the vehicle data network
- Works on most newer GM vehicles and crate engines
- Simplifies wiring
- Allows newer engines to be installed in older vehicles and retain the factory original gauges
- Works with aftermarket gauges

This module can be pre-configured to work with most vehicles for an additional charge. 

To have your module pre-configured you will need to supply the following information
If connecting to the OEM gauges - make, model & year of vehicle
If connecting to aftermarket gauges - the make and model of each gauge
What signals the customer wants to display
What engine/engine controller the CAN2 module is being connected to

Click Here to Go to Our Software Page to Download the CAN2-002 Software

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