Lingenfelter Single Pole Double Throw SPDT Microswitch Kit

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Lingenfelter Single Pole Double Throw SPDT Microswitch Kit

Product Details

The Lingenfelter SPDT microswitch kit can be used to enable components, such as nitrous systems and 2-steps, based on pedal or mechanical throttle body position.

Kit includes:
1 SW1172-ND SPDT microswitch, 12vdc
1 12010717 3 way Weatherpack, shroud half, sealed male connector
1 12015793 3 way Weatherpack, tower half, sealed female connector
2 12010300 Cavity plug, green
3 12089040-L 20-18AWG terminal male, Metri-Pack 630
4 12089188 20-18AWG terminal female, Metri-Pack 630
6 15324982 cable seal, green, 20-18 AWG
1 L920010000 LPE decal

Microswitch Specifications:
Circuit type: Single pole, double throw (SPDT)
Current rating: 5 amps
Voltage rating - AC: 125V
Voltage rating - DC: 30V
Actuator type: Simulated roller lever
Operating temperature: -40C to 83C (-40F to 181F)
Wire gauge: 20 AWG
Life expectancy: 10,000,000 operations @ 60 operations/minute
Available functions: Normally Closed (NC)
Normally Open (NO)
NC and NO can also be used simultaneously
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