2500 Suburban Yukon XL Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit - 2007

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2500 Suburban Yukon XL Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit - 2007

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Designed to fit into the 2007 2500 Chevrolet Suburban and Yukon XL with GM fuel pump module part #19133475. This fuel pump kit includes a TI Walbro GSS340 pump that flows roughly 50 gph at 60 psi at 12 Vdc, 60 gph at 13.5 Vdc and 75 gph at 16 Vdc. Some of this flow is used to run the jet pump or venturi pump that fills the fuel pump or canister. Without voltage boosting, this should be enough fuel flow to support roughly 650 to 700 hp naturally aspirated and 550 to 650 hp in turbocharged/supercharged applications. For boosted applications above 650 hp and naturally aspirated applications above 700 hp, it is recommended to voltage boost the pump to 16 or 17 volts with a Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump. At high fuel flow rates it may be possible to empty the module faster than the jet pump can fill the module so make sure you do not run low fuel levels when running at high power levels. Pump kit includes intake filter and all parts required to do the install. View Instructions

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