Lingenfelter Signature Series Rocker Covers Camaro SS 2010-13

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Lingenfelter Signature Series Rocker Covers Camaro SS 2010-13

Product Details

The Lingenfelter Signature Series Rocker Cover kit adds a custom look to your Camaro SS by extending the factory rocker panel.

Advance Composite Specialties manufactures the Lingenfelter Camaro SS Body Enhancement components with ACS�s validated RTM process. RTM or Resin Transfer Molding technology creates a part of OEM quality. Fiberglass is injected into a mold and then compressed under high pressure. This manufacturing method creates a panel that is smooth on both sides with a consistent thickness across the entire surface. Panels are then trimmed using a CNC robotic water jet for a clean, smooth cut on every part. The result is better fitting panel, reducing body shop installation & fitment times. View Product Instructions

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