Walbro GSS340 Intank Fuel Pump

Part Number: TI-HJPT1340AAF20
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Walbro GSS340 Intank Fuel Pump

Product Details

Walbro GSS340 EFI fuel pump


centrally located 22 mm inlet

internal fuel pressure check valve

internal pressure relief valve

in tank style pump

255 LPH pump (rated at 43 psi and 13.5 volts)

Can be used with the following wiring harnesses (not included):

94-615 (Universal wire harness with Walbro GSS pump connector one end)

94-668 (Walbro GSS pump connector to GM style connector)

This Pump is not the pump used in the LPE C5 fuel pump PN LN0065. It is not compatible as a replacement for the C5 Corvette.

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