Lingenfelter Performance Engineering’s Eliminator Spec Engine Program is “ENGINEERED FOR THE TRACK, BRED FOR THE STREET” representing the ultimate in street or track performance and designed to highest standard of durability and reliability.

Gone are the days of basic crate motors as Lingenfelter is offering the very best for performance on and off the track. Eliminator Spec packages are available for late-model GM vehicles with Gen IV (LS) or Gen V (LT) engines. The core of the program is the Lingenfelter blueprinted and CNC machined block. Internal components are manufactured to a Lingenfelter specification including forged rotating assemblies, CNC-ported cylinder heads, custom-grind camshaft, competition-grade fasteners, precision balance and blueprinting procedures and more.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering built its reputation on delivering uncompromising durability and race winning performance, and that’s exactly what our Eliminator Spec packages offers. We offer Eliminator Spec tiers for all performance segments which is identified by its letter designation.

Lingenfelter Eliminator X Spec Motor
  • Experimental/Development/Extreme Performance
  • Typically appears on extreme performance development programs
  • Aspirational products representing what's possible from Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

Lingenfelter Eliminator R Spec Motor
  • Professional Racing/Ultra Performance/Racing Fuels
  • Typically appears on racing high compression competition applications
  • Performance products for race winning applications

Lingenfelter Eliminator S Spec Motor
  • Hi-performance street/competition capable/Pump fuels
  • Typically appears on Hi Performance vehicles intended for street use
  • Validated performance products derived from the Eliminator “X” and “R” Programs
Please email for Eliminator Spec Engine Packages and pricing.