Lingenfelter 102mm LS9 Supercharger Front Cover Assembly (ZR1)

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Lingenfelter 102mm LS9 Supercharger Front Cover Assembly (ZR1)

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The Lingenfelter C6 ZR1 LS9 supercharger snout or supercharger front cover provides reduced pressure drop and increased horsepower on stock and higher pulley ratio applications.

The Lingenfelter front supercharger cover casting was designed to provide a more direct path for the airflow from the throttle body to the supercharger. This provides reduced inlet restriction resulting in increased boost and reduced supercharger work. This results in reduced supercharger parasitic losses and reduced supercharger outlet temperatures.

- Lingenfelter has seen chassis dyno tests results of 30 horsepower rear wheel gain over the stock snout on a ZR1 in testing with our upper pulley kit already installed.

- The cover casting is based on the inlet design first used on the Lingenfelter modified 2009 ZR1 that has run 9.813 seconds at 145.74 mph in the quarter mile.

- Drag strip, chassis dynamometer and engine dynamometer proven design.

- Cast from 356T6 aluminum, 100% leak checked using OEM decay type leak checking process

- Casting has also been designed to allow for the use of larger throttle bodies up to 102 mm with no machining required

- For increased durability ander higher supercharger loads the cover features a stainless steel 10 bolt hub that allows pulleys to be quickly changed on the car.

This kit also includes the Lingenfelter L960130709 Isolator Coupling.

Because the throttle body alignment changes with the LPE supercharger cover it will requires the use of a new air intake system. LPE has designed an air intake system with revised duct work to connect to the new throttle body location along with a large surface area air filter with a sealed shroud to keep hot engine compartment air out of the inlet.

10 Bolt Supercharger Pulley Choices stock balancer
2.60 inch - 19% OD - 18,300 RPM supercharger speed*
2.35 inch - 32% OD - 20,300 RPM supercharger speed*

10 Bolt Supercharger Pulley Choices overdrive balancer
2.60 inch - 36% OD - 20,800 RPM supercharger speed*
2.35 inch - 50% OD - 23,000 RPM supercharger speed*

*Measured at 6,500 RPM engine speed / Stock supercharger speed 15,400 RPM

Supercharger Pulley Belt Description Part number/ belt / idler
2.60 diameter Stock belt 100 mm idler L250130309
2.35 diameter 82.5 inch 11 rib belt 76 mm idler   L250120309
With Lingenfelter 14% Overdrive Harmonic Balancer
Supercharger Pulley Belt Description Part number/ belt / idler
2.60 diameter 2160 mm 11 rib belt 11PK2160 / 90 mm
2.35 diameter Stock belt 76 mm idler   L250120309
Factory belt specs 2137 mm 11 rib belt 12627521 / 90 mm idler

Pulley diameters are measured with a 2.5 mm check ball. If measuring the pulley diameter directly with a caliper the diameters will be closer to 2.60 inches and 2.35 inches. The 2.38 inch pulley when combined with our 14% overdrive damper will result in a supercharger speed 23,000 RPM at 6,500 RPM engine speed. Based on LPE testing we do not recommend exceeding 23,000 RPM on the LS9 supercharger.

Modifications listed on this page will requires recalibration of the factory ECM.

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