CTS-V Air Inlet Tube Kit, 2009-2012 LSA

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CTS-V Air Inlet Tube Kit, 2009-2012 LSA

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This air intake upgrade kit is to be used in conjunction with the Lingenfelter CTS-V overdrive harmonic balancer that increases boost by raising the RPM of your supercharger by overdriving it from the harmonic balancer.

During dyno testing, Lingenfelter has seen issues with the OEM air intake duct sucking shut with the higher airflow created by our overdrive harmonic balancer kit. This air intake kit will prevent this problem by replacing the stock soft rubber air duct. This is the same kit that is included with our CTS-V driven pulley upgrade kit.

Included in air intake kit
- Lingenfelter CTSV 4-inch diameter aluminum air intake duct black powder coated
- 4-inch hump hose, 4-inch rubber connector
- Lingenfelter pour over emblem, clamps, fittings, and required parts

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