Chevrolet Performance Connect & Cruise eCrate Package

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Chevrolet Performance Connect & Cruise eCrate Package

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We are honored that General Motors selected Lingenfelter Performance Engineering  as the first aftermarket company to pilot the development of the Certified Connect & Cruise eCrate Installer Program for their industry-leading Electric Connect & Cruise eCrate System. Lingenfelter has been adding innovative engineering performance to gas-powered GM cars and trucks for since 1973, warranties included, so it makes perfect sense the two companies would partner on GM's high-performance electric motor system.

The First-Ever Chevrolet Performance eCrate Package
Introducing the first-ever Chevrolet Performance battery and motor system designed with electric vehicle conversions in mind. The eCrate system offers builders a comprehensive kit that includes all of the primary elements for converting most conventional combustion engine vehicles into fully electric propulsion. 
          400v/200hp                      266 lb-ft / 360 Nm

The Chevrolet Performance Connect & Cruise eCrate Package is a system comprised of production-based components include a 66 kWh lithium-ion pack and 400-volt electric drive motor that is designed to connect directly to a GM 4-speed automatic transmission with an external mode switch. Chevrolet Performance’s eCrate System is only available through approved installation centers.

Included in the Chevrolet Performance Connect & Cruise eCrate Package
  • 400 Volt Automotive Drive Motor
  • Application Type: Automotive
  • Type: Single Motor
  • Motor: Synchronized Permanent Magnet
  • Power: 200 hp/150 kW
  • Torque (lb.-ft.)/Nm: 266 lb.-ft./360 Nm
  • Requires a GM 4-Speed Automatic Transmission with an External Mode Switch
66 kWh Lithium-Ion Single Battery Pack
  • Application Type: Automotive
  • 66 kWh/400V
  • One-Piece Low-Profile Design, with Thermal Management and Battery Management Systems
  • Available Liquid Thermal Management System with Automatic Activation
Chevrolet Performance Connect & Cruise eCrate Control Modules & Accessories
  • High-Voltage Power Electronics
    • Power Inverter
    • On-Board Charger Module
    • Auxiliary Power Module
    • High-Power Distribution Module
    • Battery Heater
    • Electric AC Compressor
    • Cabin Heater
  • Low-Voltage Power Electronics
    • Electronic Control Module and Low-Voltage Harnesses
    • Vehicle Integration Control Module
    • Additional Associated Control Modules
  • Additional Components & Accessories
    • Charging Receptacle
    • Level 1 Charge Cord
    • Accelerator Pedal
  • Optional Components
    • Power Steering Pump
    • Brake Vacuum Pump
    • Dual Level Charge Cord Set – P/N 85163382
    • Installation Kit for Transmission – P/N 1943363
      • Includes a Low Stall Torque Converter, Transmission Control Module Kit, Flex Plate, Hardware (select bolts).
CARB E0#: B-88  This part is 50 state emissions street legal when installed and used as described in the CARB executive order.

Chevrolet Performance Connect & Cruise eCrate Q&A

Q.  Is the eCrate street legal?
A.  Yes. This part is 50-state emissions street legal when installed and used as described in the CARB executive order (please refer to EO# B-88). for additional details.

Q   Do I need a transmission?
A.  The current eCrate kit requires a GM 4-speed automatic transmission with an external mode switch. (e.g., 4L60, 4L65, 4L70, 4L75 Transmissions). This helps to make the eCrate conversion easier for vehicles that already have a conventional driveline, plus it provides extra torque in lower gears and extra speed with overdrive. We are working on bringing a direct drive variant option to our eCrate portfolio. 

Q.  Can I use a manual transmission?
A.  A conversion kit for manual transmissions is not yet available.

Q.  Can I increase horsepower?
A.  The first-ever Chevy eCrate conversion kit has a locked system that does not allow you to increase horsepower at this time.

Chevrolet Performance Connect & Cruise eCrate Battery Specs

Q.  What is the size of the battery in the eCrate package?
A.  Battery dimensions below:
Height at front: 7.3 in. (185mm)
Height at rear: 13.7 in. (347 mm)
Overall width: 50.2 in. (1276 mm)
Overall length: 71.1 in. (1807 mm)
Weight: 947 lb. (430 kg)

Q.  What is the battery chemistry?
a.  Nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) lithium ion

Q.  What is the weight of the battery?
A.  947 lbs.

Q.  What is the battery range?
A.  Battery range will vary depending on your vehicle’s weight, your drive style, temperature, terrain, battery age, loading, use and maintenance.

Q.  What is the voltage?
A.  400V

Q. What are my charging options?
A. Charging options below:
Level 1: (120V): About 1% in 1 hour*
Level 2: (240V): About 10% in 1 hour*
Level 3: (480V): About 75% in 1 hour*
A level 1 charger comes with the eCrate package, and a Level 2 charger can be purchased (GM Part # 85163382). eCrate is capable of charging on all Level 3 public charging options/stations.

*Actual charge times will vary based on battery condition, output of charger, vehicle settings and outside temperature. See the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for additional limitations.

Purchase Details

Q.  How do I buy the Chevrolet Performance eCrate package?
A.  eCrate packages must be purchased exclusively  through an Authorized Installer such as Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. The kit and battery will be shipped directly to your Authorized Installer for installation.

NOTE Photos shown are pre-production. View Product Flyer

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